Air condition, LCD TV a DVD player, projector, screen, notebook, flipchart and markers, Internet connection WI-FI, Daylight, Room rate – Call for more information.

Interative Whiteboard (200 cm X 100 cm) 4:3 Video Projector, Microphone, State of the Art Sound System, Electric Outlets, Laptop for Interactive Whiteboard, Internet Connection, WiFi, Markers, Flipchart, Daylight, Negotiated Prices

Conference Space
Interative Whiteboard
Size 65m2
Maximum capacity 62 pax(cinema)  42 pax(conference)
Size 30m2 6,85m x 4,30m
Maximum capacity 20 pax
Size 30m2 5,60m x 5,15m
Maximum capacity 15 pax
Conference (exclusive only)
Size 108m2 8,50m x 12m
Maximum capacity 60 pax


Rates for equipment are dependent on the type of event.


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