2015 – Winter Gourmet Festival – Awarded One of Three Prizes For the Top Gourmet Menus in Slovakia
2015 – Winter Gourmet Festival – The Best Dish In Each Category – Regional Cuisine – Second Place – Venison Tokan
2014 – Hotel Galanta and Restaurant Taky’s were awarded a special prize from TREND TIP as a recommended  restaurant with long-term standards of the highest quality at a reasonable price.
2013 – Hotel Galanta and Restaurant Taky’s were awarded with membership to TRENDS TOP HEAD CHEF’S in Slovakia, an exclusive membership of 15 of the best chefs in the country.
2012 – Trend Top Restaurants awards Restaurant Taky’s in Hotel Galanta membership to the top rated restaurants in Slovakia.
2011 – Head chef Zoltan Foltan completed the prestigious culinary course from the „Ives Thuriés Culinary Academy“ – Gourmet School of Cooking.
2011 – Restaurant Taky’s was awarded membership to the Gourmet in Slovakia Association for great service, an amazing gourmet culinary experience and now belongs in the exclusive group of the best restaurants in Slovakia.


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